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Artificial Grass VS Natural Grass

We have all been wondering about the trending conversation of natural grass to artificial grass in hot areas in the U.S., specifically in San Diego, California. They’ve done this for a few major reasons, the first one is simply to conserve as water as much as possible – this is because they are usually experiencing drought. Another reason is because it saves more money in the long-run, think of it as an investment. But, all these are just propositions that don’t quite matter for most people around the world. Until now…

Now, we are experiencing global warming and it might really help to conserve water. But, aside from water, what are other things that artificial grass is better at against the all natural real grass that we grow on our lawn. Well, to clear things out, we will show you a few aspects that will help you decide which is better.



The first think that we should talk about is how much care does artificial grass need compared to natural grass. When talking about natural grass, we need to water it every day if we want it to shine and show its lush green aesthetics. We also need to trim it so that it won’t look like weed when it grows too much. We also need a bit of pesticide to avoid any infestations from those nasty bugs that might get inside our homes. Now, let’s talk about fake grass. Fake grass does not need all of that, what it only needs is installation that will only require a few hours – a day when the land area is large. The only time you need to clean it with water with a bit of soap is if you have pets that possibly will poop on top of it. This is why when you think about it, it really is not a bad idea to have artificial grass for your lawn as not only will you save water, you also save money due to cutting down maintenance. You no longer have to care for it; you just have to enjoy it, saving you time and money.

Look and Feel

Now that we are done talking about the maintenance, let us talk about what both of these have to offer. We call all say that nothing actually can compare to what is real, and that is a fact. However, we must take into consideration that fake grass may just be 90% close to real lush green grass, but it does stay that way no matter what season. Unlike natural grass, it will turn brown during summer, die during winter, and sometimes wither when it doesn’t get the care it demands. With quality artificial grass, you can feel almost the same with natural grass; the only concern is its heat. Fake grass can be 15 degrees hotter than natural grass, and it doesn’t moist at all. But, the thing about artificial grass is its ability to stay the same for about 15 years without any maintenance.


If you compare artificial grass to natural grass basing it in a year’s time, it is, of course, reasonably and unarguably true that natural grass is the sure budget saver. But, if you would judge it in a time-span of more than three years, artificial grass will save you thousands of dollars. The reason is simple, you no longer have to buy a single dime for mowing and pesticide control, plus you cut water cost greatly. The only downside is that it will also cost you thousands during the first installation. So, if you plan to stay and enjoy your lawn for good, it would be wise to install artificial grass rather than monthly trimming and biannual pest control substances that is harmful to your health. If you want to get the best artificial grass, click here