Somethings you can do while visiting


At the Hotel you will be able to relax and to enjoy a refreshing drink
in our bar or by the swimming pool while you take the sun.


El Salvador counts with multiple tourist attractions, that are so near to Novo Apart Hotel that you will be able to go and come back the same day to rest in your comfortable apartment.


Maya World

For thousands of years the destructive force of volcanoes and encroaching jungle has shaped the ancient Maya World, preserving temples and cities under layers of ash and vegetation.
The Mayan attractions of greatest interest are:

  • Joya de Cerén
  • Ruinas del Tazumal
  • Ruinas de San Andrés
  • Museo de San Andrés

El Salvador has about 360 kilometers of beaches, all in the Pacific. We are the third country most visited by surfers after Hawaii and Australia, because of the excelent waves you can find in most of our beaches. Peculiar and special characteristic of our beaches is that they vary from white sand to the completely black ones because of their high ferrous content. Sports like diving, surfing and fishing are common throughout those beaches.


El Salvador counts with 2 main lakes, the Lake of Coatepeque and Lake of Ilopango. Both are approximately 30 min. away from our hotel. In both lakes the necessary facilities exist where you will be able to practice your favorite aquatic sport, skiing, rowing, diving or riding a Jet ski.