Investment in the Hotels Real Estate Sector

061908_fef4edb7fd9246c9ba5d8289eef47231The real estate investment market is a very vast market to deal with. It offers you so many different options for making an investment that once you get in with a mood of making an investment, you will definitely come out by making a good deal. The real estate investments are termed as safe investments in comparison to the other investment sectors. When you move into the real estate sector one thing is sure that the money you have put in the deal will not show any downfall if the deal is made by proper management. There are different sectors of making an investment so let us see some of the main areas of investments in the real estate world.

Different sectors of Investing in the Real Estate Market:

  1. Residential sector:

hotel-real-estate-2016If you are looking for a home, house, flat, duplex or any property to live in, then the residential sector of the real estate world is the perfect match for your need. Here you can easily get many options to select from. The thing that matters here is your budget and the location of the property, this must be pre-decided before making an investment and when you get the perfect place then only you need to proceed for making a deal.

  1. Commercial Sector:

The value of commercial real estate sector is more as compared to the residential real estate sector. All the commercial lands, showrooms, factories, industrial lands, companies, etc come under the segment of the commercial sector. These places are big in size and expensive in prize, but the returns of these commercial lands is also more profitable and bigger as compared to the other sectors.

  1. Rental Sector:

The rental real estate sector is one of the most popular real estate sectors to invest in. the rental sector is a options for all those new investors who are fresher’s in the real estate investment market. The rental market gives an assurance of getting you a permanent source of income and also people who maintain these rental properties are able to fetch more money from the market. The rental sector gives you an option to generate income from the very first day when you have purchased the property.

  1. Hotels Real Estate:BN-MP514_HOTEL0_P_20160215145008

One of the safest options in the real estate market around the world is the hotels real estate. The hotel real estate offers you the safest way of making the investments and that to with guaranteed results. Moreover having an asset in a hotel is good for you in many ways, as you can utilize this property as much as you wish and then also you need not to pay anything to the hotel management. When you are not using the asset for yourself then you can make a bond with the hotel management that they can use your asset and share the heavy profit whit you at all times, this in turn becomes a beneficial deal to look for and this is also one of the main reasons for the new investors attracted towards the hotels real estate.

Benefits of Hotels Real Estate Investments

In the last 20 years the real estate investment market has seen a numerous ups and downs; more over previously the real estate was just considered as purchasing of the land and homes. But over the changing time period the real estate market has grown substantially and now in this modern era the term real estate has a very vast meaning. Real estate now has different segments to invest in; one of the newest and popular segments for investment is the Hotels Real Estate segment.

The Hotel Real Estate is  popular now a day’s because of its benefits and future scope of a successful business. This is because of the high profit margins that one can get from investing in the Hotel real estate properties. Let us see some of the benefits that one can get by investing in the Hotel properties Area that are hot to invest in at the moment are Spain the Market for Puerto Banus Property is allways a safe bet, as this part of the Costs del sol is expanding fast and with  many new hotels are on the drawing board its a location you need to check out.


Benefits of Hotel Real Estate Investments:hotel-1191718_1920

  1. Guaranteed Rental Business-

When you invest in the Hotel Real Estate you open many options to gain business out of the investment made. The hotel management will look and manage your property as well as your property will be giving you a profitable rent that becomes an extra source of income for you.

  1. Personal Asset-

It also becomes as a personal asset for you, even when you are stuck up somewhere and not able to go back to your home they you can easily go to your hotel property and rest there for as much time you want, no one will be questioning you and even if you want you enjoy a dinner and night out with your friends and family then also there is no one who will stop you from it, you can simply go to your room and enjoy the dinner at hotel.

  1. Split Profits-hotel-951397_1920

When you invest in such kind of properties and leave it for the hotel management to use it then it becomes as a beneficial asset for you. The hotel management maintains your property and also they keep in the regular clients and use it as per demand, but the real profit is when the client chooses your property to stay in then you are the one who will be getting more percentage of the profit and some part will be going to the hotel management because they have maintained and provided services to the client.

  1. Connectivity with the tourism companies-

When you have an asset, that to a hotel property then you can easily tie up with a tourism company, which in return can give you a higher business in the future. You can do this by offering the companies a lesser rent as compared to the hotel rates which will be helpful for your property to attract more clients towards your hotel property. In this situation the percentage or the part of share will be more and your will in turn set up a healthy and growing business with the tourism company and your investment made in the Hotel real Estate.

Make great profits in real estate

Business sector of the selling and buying of house is something where the best investment can be discovered. This thing means to give help discover gainful place of selling or purchasing house.

The main key to benefitting from this is by discovering an exceptionally energetic dealer. The thought to get a lower cost on is because of the reason when people willing for sell of their home at a really urgently.


Get benefited by real estate agent

One strange part of investing real estate is that you typically make a benefit when you purchase real estate and not when you offer it. This implies, while there is frequently little you can do to build the estimation of real estate; vendors are human and are regularly ready to arrange their cost.

At the time when you are thinking of selling of purchasing of house then real estate agent is the best option for you; the people who makes a real profit sometime. Recollect that, they will be more than willing to be met on the thing when you are putting forth them your standard custom.

Another extremely helpful strategy for sourcing extraordinary real estate arrangements is the utilization of abandonment records. You should simply to hunt Google down “dispossession records” in your neighbourhood. Commonly, you will need to pay a membership charge to get to this yet it is certainly justified regardless of the expense.

So as to benefit from records effortlessly and rapidly, take these strides:

  • Firstly, purchase the everydayrate list for your zone and flip through the pages.
  • Select the main the real estate that has been on the rundown for less than thirty days.
  • Highlight the real estate that is inside of your financial plan.
  • Look especially for real estate that is situated in decent surroundings or alluring neighbourhoods and just select properties that are inside of fifty miles from where you live.
  • Using the web, get to the neighbourhood charge records and get the expense estimation of this specific bit of real estate.
  • Also, scan for the real estate being referred to on This site is likewise intended to give pieces of information as to the estimation of real estate.

When you have picked a couple of potential properties then ask your real estate agent to take you for a review. In the event that you are content with this real estate then contract a real estate property surveyor to ensure that the house is fundamentally solid. This stride is important to guarantee the estimation of your money to be invested.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAT-AAAAJDhmNDQ5YjU4LTI1YTMtNGFiNy1iYTAzLTVlMTljNjNhM2JkMw

The Sellers Real Estate Agent: An agent taking a shot at the sake of the merchant will have his loyalties towards his customer he/she will attempt his hardest to persuade the vendor to give his customer the most reduced arrangement. Thus, as a purchaser, if you somehow happened to inquire as to whether his customer would acknowledge a higher arrangement, he will be committed to not uncover this data to you.Thus at the time you are investing in this realestate sector then real estate agent is one of the best options to choose.

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At the Hotel you will be able to relax and to enjoy a refreshing drink
in our bar or by the swimming pool while you take the sun.


El Salvador counts with multiple tourist attractions, that are so near to Novo Apart Hotel that you will be able to go and come back the same day to rest in your comfortable apartment.


Maya World

For thousands of years the destructive force of volcanoes and encroaching jungle has shaped the ancient Maya World, preserving temples and cities under layers of ash and vegetation.
The Mayan attractions of greatest interest are:

  • Joya de Cerén
  • Ruinas del Tazumal
  • Ruinas de San Andrés
  • Museo de San Andrés

El Salvador has about 360 kilometers of beaches, all in the Pacific. We are the third country most visited by surfers after Hawaii and Australia, because of the excelent waves you can find in most of our beaches. Peculiar and special characteristic of our beaches is that they vary from white sand to the completely black ones because of their high ferrous content. Sports like diving, surfing and fishing are common throughout those beaches.


El Salvador counts with 2 main lakes, the Lake of Coatepeque and Lake of Ilopango. Both are approximately 30 min. away from our hotel. In both lakes the necessary facilities exist where you will be able to practice your favorite aquatic sport, skiing, rowing, diving or riding a Jet ski.